Bleeding Hearts

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What happens when a killer becomes the target...? A gripping tale from the No.1 bestselling author of THE COMPLAINTS.The death of a journalist from a single bullet to the heart makes for a dramatic story - but the twist in the tale is that this time, it's the man who fired the gun who's asking all the questions...The assassin, Michael Weston, knows he has carried out his assignment successfully. One mistake was enough, a long time ago, when a young girl had accidentally received the fatal bullet. Her father hired a PI named Hoffer to track him down. Every time Weston completed a job, Hoffer was not far behind. But why had the police been on the scene so quickly? Weston has to find out - even if it means coming face to face with Hoffer...
The name Bleeding Heart is most associated with Dicentra spectabilis because the flowers truly have the appearance of a bleeding heart. However many species of Dicentra get grouped in as Bleeding Hearts, so it can be difficult to be sure what you are buying. Bleeding Hearts Image
AUTHOR Ian Rankin
FILENAME Bleeding Hearts.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 05 Aug 2010

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There was a bleeding heart, in tufts of paper lace; there were the three kings, gorgeously apparelled, and the ox and the ass and the shepherds; there was the Baby in the manger, and a group of angels, singing; there were camels and leopards, held by the black slaves of the three kings.

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2 disparaging: a person who shows extravagant sympathy especially for an object of alleged persecution To question police practices in America is to plunge into a debate distorted by caricatures.


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